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K&N HIF6, HIF44 4-1/2" X 7"- 1-3/4" Tall K&N Air Filters : SU & Stomberg Stainless Steel Filter Units
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K&N HIF6, HIF44 4-1/2" X 7"- 1-3/4" Tall
Weight: 2.0

Offset Up Oval Filter Assy. Use #SS53 Or MSS44 Stub Stack

4.5 X 7" Oval Filter HIF6/44 SU Carb; 1.75" Tall (ideal For A Mini)

Manufacturer: Advanced Performance Technology
Part No: SD27-332
List Price: 
$118.69  EA
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$93.45  EA
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Special Notes
Be sure to read the K&N Air Filter Cleaning Instructions to keep your filter in top shape!
Check out SU Flange Dimensions for detailed flange information.

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