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A-Series: Camshaft specifications, flow figures, & dyno information.

A-Series Stock Camshafts  -Specifications for our A-Series stock & slightly above stock camshafts.  Perfect for those daily driving engines.

A-Series Performance Camshafts  -These range from mild street to all out race camshafts.  

APT Flow Test Data Comparison Of Standard 1275 Cylinder Head With An Alloy Version

B-Series:  Camshaft specifications, flow figures & dyno information.

B-Series Camshafts Performance   -Specifications for our street performance line of B-Series camshafts.

MGB MSX 7 Port X-flow Alloy OEM Valves Against Stock OEM Head/Valves  - Flow comparison between MSX 1.56" intake / 1.345" exhaust valves vs OEM 1.625" intake / 1.345" exhaust valves.

MGB Cylinder Head, Aluminum Vs Stock  -  Initial testing and modification of a 5 port alloy MGB cylinder head with detailed explanations with the work done.

APT Flow Test - MGB Modified Street Head  - Flow figures for a MGB street ported cylinder head using Rimflo 1.69" intake & 1.345" exhaust valves.

APT Flow Test - MGB Big Bore Head - MGB big bore cylinder head flow test starting with 1.625" intake & 1.345" exhaust to a APT modified 1.761" intake & 1.402" exhaust.  The end result is a head that can support the requirements of a strong performance engine.

MGB 5 Port Alloy Head - Flow testing beginning with the 5 port 1.56" intake & 1.345" exhaust and modifying the ports with the addition of Rimflo 1.56" intake & 1.345" exhaust.  The addition of port work and Rimflo valves resulted in an excellent increase in flow for this head. 

MGB 5 Port Alloy Head Modified Vs Stock  - Starting with a 1.56" intake & 1.345" exhaust the head had porting work with the addition of Rimflo 1.625" intake & 1.345" exhaust valves.  Flow was increased across the entire valve lift range.  

MGB MSX 7 Port X-Flow Stock Valves Against APT Rimflo Valves  - Valve sizes were kept the same at 1.56" intake & 1.345" exhaust.  Flow was tested starting with the stock MSX valves then changing over to Rimflo valves.  The increase in flow was impressive considering the only thing changed was the valves with no modifications to the chamber, port, or valve size.  

Triumph: Camshaft specifications, flow figures, & dyno information.

Triumph 1300/1500 Flow Figures  - Flow figures using a standard head with 1.433" Intake valves and 1.170" Exhaust valves modified to  1.475"  Intake valves and 1.300" Exhaust valves.  Flow was increased significantly across the valve lift range with APT's modifications.

SU Information: Detailed information for SU carburetors.

SU Kit Information -Detailed blow up drawings of H, HS, HD & HIF type carburetors showing which parts are included in the SU gasket, service, & rebuild kits.

SU Kit Differences -See the actual kit differences in SU gasket, service, rebuild & sundrie kits.  Examples are given for gasket, service, & rebuild kits.  Sundrie kits are shown for H, HS, HD & HIF type carburetors.

All SU Carburetor Dimensions, Including Flanges  -All the necessary information needed for custom flanges, so that carburetor fits the first time!

Valves: We offer valves stock type valves to full racing valves.  Useful information such as OEM part numbers, seat inserts, keep part numbers, & guides is provided in these charts.

OEM Valve Information -Get that stock head rebuilt with these economical OEM valves that won't leave your wallet empty.

Premium Performance Stainless Steel Valves -These stainless steel valves are perfect for stock rebuilds & performance street applications.

Rimflo Valve Information  -High quality valves for performance street & racing applications.

Stainless Steel Race Valves Premium Quality  -High performance stainless steel racing valves for high performance street & racing applications.

Instruction Sheets: Instructions for various items that APT supplies from K&N cleaning instructions to ARP hardware torque specifications.

ARP Instructions:

ARP Torque Specifications -Torque recommendations for ARP hardware using ARP lube or 30wt oil.

High Torque Starters:

Hi Torque Starters  -Wire in that brand new hi-torque starter without letting the smoke out.

Carillo Rod Bolts:

Carillo Rod Bolt Torque Specifications -get those rods torqued correctly the first time.

K&N Instruction Sheets:

Instructions 69-2020 K&N for BMW mini

Instructions 69-2021 K&N for BMW mini

Filter Cleaning Instructions -Keep your K&N filter in top shape by following these easy step-by-step Instructions.  Your engine will thank you for it.

APT Specific Instructions:

Instructions For Camshaft Timing  -This is a in depth 4 page color PDF covering all of the ins and outs of camshaft installation; including the different methods for cam timing that are available to time your new camshaft.

Dyno Charts: -Coming Soon!!

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